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  • Fighter Squadron Put the 'A' and 'C' in Aircraft

    If you think today's A-10s and C-130s are the first "A" (attack) and "C" (cargo) aircraft the Maryland Air National Guard has flown, think again. Go back to the 1970s, and you'll find Maryland Guardsmen flying A-37 Dragonflies and C-7 Caribous.The A-37, a ground attack version of the Cessna T-37

  • Baltimore Riot Was Maryland Air Guard's Largest Mobilization

    Part One of a Two-Part SeriesThe decade from 1963 to 1973 was one of social and political unrest in Maryland. Beginning with the racial conflict in Cambridge, Md., and ending with the anti-war riots at the University of Maryland, the Maryland National Guard repeatedly found itself called up to

  • Tipton Had Distinguished Career in War and Peace

    When the Maryland National Guard's first flying unit formed in 1921, its founding members included a number of distinguished veterans of World War I.Among these pioneers of Maryland military aviation was Capt. William Dolley Tipton, a flight commander in the newly-formed 104th Observation

  • Harbor Field Was Maryland Air Guard's First Post-War Home

    The Maryland Air National Guard has had a number of homes over the years, including Logan Field (now the neighborhood of Logan Village in Dundalk), Detrick Army Airfield near Frederick and its present home, Warfield Air National Guard Base at Martin State Airport.But from 1946 to 1960, the Maryland

  • Cannon Activation Was Last Major Cold War Call-up

    The spring of 1968 was a busy time for the Maryland Air National Guard. The 175th Tactical Fighter Group - along with most of the rest of the Maryland National Guard - had just spent a difficult week in April putting down rioting in Baltimore sparked by the assassination of Martin Luther King when

  • Turnbull and Ray Epitomized "Greatest Generation"

    When the 104th Observation Squadron mobilized for World War II, it included men from all walks of life. Among them were a 30-year-old lieutenant named Jack Turnbull and an 18-year-old private named Leonard Ray. The two men led distinctly different lives until that point. One was an Olympic athlete

  • Air Guard to the Rescue After Peru Quake

    Two crews from the Maryland Air National Guard's 135th Airlift Squadron found themselves unexpectedly pressed into service following an 8.0-magnitude earthquake in Peru Aug. 15. "They said, 'an earthquake happened and we need you in Peru,'" said Tech. Sgt. Will Morales, a loadmaster assigned to the

  • Helping Those in Need

    Over the years, National Guard units have deployed to respond to state and national emergencies and overseas operations, but one Maryland unit was recently called upon to fight a different kind of battle. From Jul. 9 to 23, Airmen of the Maryland Air National Guard's 175th Medical Group from