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16 A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft assigned to the 175th Wing, Maryland Air National Guard, conducted a mission generation exercise and an “elephant walk” at Warfield Air National Guard Base at Martin State Airport, Middle River, Md., November 3, 2021. The mission generation exercise highlighted the agility and rapid mobility of the MDANG's airpower, demonstrating their ability to launch combat-ready A-10s that are deployable for no-notice contingency operations. The 175th Wing trains to maintain lethal and combat-ready forces, prepared to deter or defeat any adversary who threatens U.S. or NATO interests. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Christopher Schepers)

Public Affairs Mission

Public Affairs
Provide strategic counsel, operational planning, and tactical execution of communication as a function of the Air Force mission, joint combat operations, and national security objectives.

Support Air Force strategic communication objectives by producing high-quality products and programming services that are informative and entertaining for audiences worldwide.

PA Purpose

The U.S. Air Force engages in Public Affairs to provide trusted counsel to leaders; build, maintain, and strengthen Airman morale and readiness; enhance public trust and support; and achieve global influence and deterrence. The triad of Public Affairs practitioners, bandsmen, and broadcasters is dedicated to executing the Public Affairs mission for the Air Force. The triad uses its resources to research, plan, execute, and evaluate communication strategies and tactics.

It is the responsibility of all Airmen to tell the Air Force story. Whether they're representing their base at a community function or representing the U.S. in a wartime or contingency operation, all Airmen are front-line ambassadors for the Air Force. It is imperative for the Public Affairs triad to prepare all Airmen to be credible, intelligent, and articulate spokespersons for the Air Force.

Photo & Video Guidelines

Photography and video are essential elements of internal and external communication programs. Imagery conveys the mission of the Air Force internal and external audiences and helps achieve the PA core competencies of Airman morale and readiness, public trust and support, and global influence and deterrence.

PA Core Competencies

The five Public Affairs core competencies are directly linked to the Air Force Core Competencies. The core competencies provide the Public Affairs triad with the vision to integrate information into operations at home and in an expeditionary role. The core competencies are supported by five key processes and process improvements constituting the way the Air Force conducts Public Affairs.

These five competencies are:
· Trusted Counsel to Leaders
· Airman Morale and Readiness
· Public Trust and Support
· Global Influence and Deterrence
· Public Affairs Readiness

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