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Duke MOA Low

Welcome to the Duke Military Operating Area (MOA) modification official website.

The Maryland Air National Guard (MDANG) made this website to:

  • Notify the public about our intent
  • Share information with the public about the proposed action and alternatives


what and where is the duke moa low project?

In support of the 175th Wing, the Air Force and the National Guard Bureau (NGB) are proposing to lower the floor of the existing MOA from 8,000ft Mean Sea Level (MSL) to 100ft Above Ground Level (AGL). 

This flight modification would accommodate the training requirements for our A-10 aircrews who must train by simulating all types of weapons delivery and mission sets which can range from 20,000ft MSL to as low as 100ftAGL. 

The current charted Duke MOA is located in North, Central Pennsylvania with a small portion extending past the southern boundary of New York.  


The main purpose of the proposed modification to the Duke Military Operating Area (MOA) is to provide low-altitude airspace to accurately train and prepare for current and future conflicts in an integrated, year-round, and realistic training environment. The modified low-altitude airspace will provide MDANG A-10 pilots the ability to train so they protect American and ally troops on the ground as well as perform search and rescue missions.


At this time we are encouraging that members of the public and agencies review the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) that was published for public review.  The document includes a discussion of all pertinent information as it relates to the proposed project and anticipated environmental impacts.  The Air National Guard (ANG) will review any and all comments before making a decision on whether there is sufficient interest in having a public meeting and whether such a meeting would be beneficial or necessary.  The public comment period on the Draft EA is currently scheduled to end on 15 December 2021.  However, please be advised that NGB has decided to extend the end of the public comment period from 15 December 2021 to 31 December 2021 to allow the public and agencies additional document review time.


The Draft Duke MOA Environmental Assessment (EA) will be completed and located for review on this page.


For public comments about the environmental assessment, please email:

proposed duke moa low altitude mitigation map


The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is our national charter for making informed decisions based upon potential environmental consequences. NEPA requires all federal agencies to take a good-faith, hard look at potential environmental consequences of a proposal before making a decision.