Staff Sgt. Lorena Royale March 2019 Spotlight Airman

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Enjoli Saunders
  • 175th Wing

A human resource assistant is an individual not easily discouraged and actively seeks solutions to customer concerns or issues, this job is no different in military. Staff Sgt. Lorena Royale, personnel specialist, Maryland Air National Guard, Joint Force Headquarters, is one of the many personnelists that assist Airmen in succeeding every day.

“Staff Sgt. Royale displays the characteristics of all the Air Force Core Values,” said Tech Sgt. Chenelle Williams, personnel supervisor, Maryland Air National Guard, Joint Force Headquarters. “Royale’s professionalism and positive attitude will take her a long way in her military career.”

Royale was born in the District of Columbia and raised in Baltimore, needless to say she is a Ravens fan. She has been a member of the Maryland Air National Guard since 2014. However, this was not always her career goal. Before joining the military, she attended community college with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist. After earning her associate degree, Royale looked into attending a four-year university but quickly found out continuing her education would be very costly. She weighed her options and joining the MDANG seemed to be a perfect fit.

“I initially wanted to enlist in a medical job but that did not pan out. However, a personnel position was available and I accepted,” said Royale. “It worked out to be the best. I am customer service driven. I have been able to pull my civilian retail experience and incorporate it into my military career.”

While not in uniform, Royale enjoys eating her favorite food, macaroni and cheese, while binge watching “Property Brothers” or “Flip or Flop Nashville” with her husband. Royale is most passionate about family and traveling. Her dream vacation would be to visit Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Royale’s future goals include earning a bachelor’s degree in human resource management as well as a master’s degree in the human resource field. She also aspires to become a first sergeant in the MDANG.

“I would like to be a first sergeant because I want to give back and mentor young Airmen and non-commissioned officers like senior non-commissioned officers that have mentored me,” said Royale. “I have learned so much. My mentors have a way of telling me ‘no, you’re wrong’ but this is the right way through teaching. They have shown attributes necessary to be a good NCO: Be personable, have integrity, be knowledgeable, and possess a nurturing spirit. I would like to be just like them.”

As Royale continues working toward being a SNCO, advice she will offer to new Airmen is to always let the customer know if you are unsure of an answer to a question. “Be honest. Be straightforward. Get the customer’s contact information and follow up, because that is what personnelist do and that is the field we are in!”

One day when she retires from the MDANG and achieves her military goals, Royale plans on utilizing the skills gained from her time serving by volunteering and giving back to the community through organizations like the American Legion.