Team Warfield displays exceptional teamwork, capability during ORI

  • Published
  • By Col. Scott Kelly
  • 175th Wing
On June 15, 2011, Team Warfield completed the Air Combat Command Inspector General Phase I Operational Readiness Inspection. The 175th Wing proved to the IG team that we are in fact an effective organization. Specifically, the Wing earned 7 Outstanding, 15 Excellent, and 14 Satisfactory ratings - for an overall rating of Satisfactory.

The inspectors evaluated our installation's ability to efficiently deploy military members, cargo and equipment while adjusting to rapidly changing security conditions, around the globe.

I continue to be impressed with the outstanding work ethic of our members, your unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of our wing during this inspection was noticed by our command team, and the inspectors. Together, our team showed that we are always ready to accomplish our wartime mission.

Of great importance The IG team identified that zero items were rated below the line.
Furthermore, this IG Team, during their two year run has never seen another Air Force Wing accomplish this. This is a testament of how each Airman in the wing played a tremendous role in the overall outcome of the inspection.

I am eternally grateful for the teamwork shown last week. We undoubtedly demonstrated that we stand ready to deliver a myriad of capabilities including personnel, security forces, civil engineering, communications, logistics, readiness and services.

I congratulate the efforts of our entire team, including our full time personnel, traditional guardsmen, civilians, retirees, family members and community partners for the extensive preparation, and support over the past months to make our team stronger and better prepared to meet our mission of maintaining trained and equipped combat support forces ready for mobilization, deployment and employment as needed to support national security objectives.

Of particular note, I congratulate our 27 Superior Performers, and seven superior teams.

Congratulations - a satisfactory rating is something to be proud of. In my eyes, a spectacular performance on a very tough and challenging inspection. I look forward to working with you as we continue to build upon our past success and reach for a new level of excellence.