We are committed to being good stewards of the environment we share

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Scott Kelly
  • 175th Wing
Here at Warfield Air National Guard Base, protecting the environment is a top priority and will be a major consideration in decision-making. Each and every Airman is dedicated to continued improvement of our processes to prevent and reduce waste generation.

As Airmen and members of our community, we are committed to maintaining compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements at all times while we strive to reduce pollution at the source of generation. In all of our activities we will seek to:
  • Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural and manmade materials;
  • Minimize environmental pollution and waste;
  • Build environmental concerns into all policies, programs, and missions;
  • Integrate environmental information awareness into all levels of management;
  • Achieve continuous improvements in environmental performance over and above regulatory and legislative requirements;
  • Work in partnership with all stakeholders to promote waste reduction
  • Committed to comply with other requirements applicable to its environmental aspects and to establish a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. 
Several 175th Wing activities present increased risk to the environment based on the nature of our mission. These activities include the flying operations and maintenance of the C-27J and A-10 aircraft, fueling operations, de-icing operations, corrosion control procedures, aerospace ground equipment, vehicle maintenance, administrative functions and facility- grounds maintenance.

The MDANG endorses the continual improvement and execution of an installation-wide
Environmental Management System. 

We share the environment with our surrounding community and are committed to
ensuring we take the necessary precautions to prevents adverse effects on
the environment and its' habitat.

Please join me being good stewards of the environment as I consider it a major concern and serious commitment for the service we provide.