We own it, we'll solve it..Together - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  • Published
  • By Brig Gen Scott Kelly
  • 175th Wing
As we enter into April it causes me to pause and think about the ongoing challenges our wing and Air Force face. From our mission change to budget uncertainty, our challenges aren't small. Throughout the Department of Defense April has been set aside as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I am moved by this year's theme - We Own It, We'll Solve it....Together.

I firmly believe that our people are our greatest resource, but we continue to face a challenge with Sexual Assault throughout our Air Force. Simply put, Sexual assault will not be tolerated in this Wing or in our Air Force; it's incompatible with our Core Values!

I am committed to helping solve this issue. The Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program has been expanded in recent years following extensive review, and provides restricted and unrestricted reporting options for victims to allow them the support they desire. Additionally, the program has improved victim response procedures required of all supervisors and response personnel. It also clearly defines responsibilities for all service members providing a more responsive and stronger Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program. Here on our base we have two dedicated and trained Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, and seven Victim Advocates who stand ready to educate our members about sexual assault prevention as well as stand ready to respond to our members in need.

We as members of our great Air Force own this issue. Through ongoing awareness training we will help mitigate the opportunities for these assaults to occur. Sexual assault is a crime and all unrestricted reports of sexual assault will be completely investigated by trained, criminal investigators. Those found to have committed this crime will be held accountable.

In order to solve this issue I need you to help me. By working together we can and will make a difference. I believe discussing the lifelong and destructive effects of sexual assault are important to fighting the problem while at the same time instituting a culture of prevention.

This month I hope that you will join me in our awareness campaign, look for a viewing of the docuramafilms production of The Invisible War and our visual campaign project in the dining hall. Furthermore, this month our victim advocates will provide annual awareness training I am confident that you will find our annual training engaging.

We have and will continue to aggressively work to eliminate sexual assault within our Wing. I look forward to your support in this endeavor. We are fortunate to have many resources at our disposal please feel free to contact our dedicate and highly trained team:

The Safe-Help Line : 1-877-995-5247 Text, Chat, Call - 24 hour assistance

Capt Joe Winter 443-935-7775
(Alt) CMSgt John Sizemore 443-992-8279

Benden, Jeanne CIV 243-6768
Talbert, Jacqueline MSgt 243-6248
Waple, Seth SSgt 243-6575
Overton, DaJae MSgt 243-6417
Unglesbee, Steve SrA 243-6300
Sriver, Amanda A1C 243-6528
Yox, Arnold TSgt 243-6833
Myrick, Michael TSgt 243-6286

MSG Carrie Kwiatkowski 443-379-2360

TurnAround, Inc (Baltimore and Towson Locations)

Ms. Susan Deal 410-698-7030