175th Wing April Airman Spotlight

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Chris Schepers
  • 175th Wing Public Affairs
The 175th Wing would like to present Staff Sgt. Ari Rabe, avionics mechanic assigned to the 175th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, as this month's Spotlight Airman. Rabe has been with the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron for eight years and works full time at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Here is some more information about Staff Sgt. Rabe:

Hometown: Just outside of Chicago but currently live in Baltimore County
Joined the MDANG: June 6, 2005
Total Service Years: 8 years
Family: Older brother Nathan Rabe is married to Christiana who has three daughters: Yohannah, Shoshanna (Shoshi) and newborn Abigail. I have a younger sister named Sarah. My mom Kathie remarried this year to David Neagley. My dad passed away March 23, 2013.
Last Book Read: 'I Asked for Wonder' by Abraham Joshua Heschel
Favorite Movie: U571
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Sports Team: Ravens, but I am underground Bears fan. White Sox, not Cubs and the Orioles have been my team since I moved to Maryland.

I was born outside of Chicago and went to a Christian private school for Kindergarten through 4th grade. When we were kids my parents took us to the Air and Space Museum while visiting Washington D.C. After that trip my relationship to the military and airplanes was never the same. When I was in 4th grade my dad changed jobs and that brought us to Maryland.

Military Career:
Shortly after 9/11, I joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). While finishing my schooling at Owings Mills High School I was actively involved with the CAP. While in the CAP I reached several milestones including becoming Flight Sergeant, Chief of the Squadron and Deputy Commander as a 2nd Lt. I was also on the Ground Team Search and Rescue. While on that team I participated in several live missions including a search and rescue mission for a missing pilot and a missing elderly woman. I was also an observer/navigator in a Cessna for a terrorist rescue exercise.

What brought you to the MDANG?
The CAP introduced me to the Air Guard through chow hall kitchen duty and a special shadow program. The shadow program allowed cadets to tour Warfield Air National Guard Base and talk to pilots and maintainers about opportunities in the Guard. Since I was in the CAP my dream, like many cadets, was to join the Air Force and become a pilot. In the end I chose to join the Air National Guard because it gave me the most options. I could choose my base, my job, and talk to potential supervisors before signing on the dotted line. I decided to pursue avionics because it utilized several skill sets and systems on the jet and teaches you electronic skills that could be valuable in an engineering field.

Favorite Military Memory:
The guard has been a place of stability, camaraderie, a way to help pay for college, a really cool job and ultimately a family. The guard was there for me when my dad passed away and that is one of the reasons I am re-enlisting. My supervisor Senior Master Sgt. Van Hess has been a solid supervisor. He sets the bar high but teaches you how to get there. He listens and believes in me and what we are doing.
What are you passionate about?
During my middle school years I started playing bass guitar in the Jazz Band and Tuba in the Concert Band. My involvement in music and band would continue in high school and is still a large part of my life. At my synagogue, Rosh Pina in Owings Mills, I have been actively involved in serving on the music team since 2002. Since 2002 I have been an annual Shabbat School Teacher for the High Holy Days in the fall, assistant music leader and as of August 2013 I have been the music leader. Though I started by playing the bass guitar I have been playing the acoustic guitar most recently. Currently I am in the beginning stages of developing a youth group program and am in the beginning stages of putting together a musical Shabbat service at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.