175th Civil Engineering Squadron Deploys to Guam

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Chris Schepers
  • 175th Wing Public Affairs
The Maryland Air National Guard, one of the first of many units scheduled to deploy to Guam to construct a 7,500-square-foot facility that will be used by the Red Horse Squadron at Andersen Air Force Base, arrived on April 11.

Most of the 37 Airmen are from the 175th Civil Engineering Squadron, who will be kicking off the construction of the new building during their two-week deployment, but there areĀ also members of the 235th Civil Engineering Flight and the 175th Fire Department onsite for training.

"We are the first group of seven National Guard groups to be part of the construction process for this warehouse," said Chief Master Sgt. Stanley Dulski, 175th Civil Engineering Squadron superintendent. "Our part in this project is to construct the base of the building to include the footers and the pad for the building."

Not only will guard members receive training in their career field but they will get the opportunity to learn how they will be utilized during a combat deployment, said Dulski.

"This type of training affords us the opportunity to evaluate our troops performing their wartime tasking," said Dulski. "Our Airmen gain experience on equipment that we don't have back home and they get to participate in a larger scope project."

In addition to laying the physical foundation for the structure, supervisors are allowing their team to gain much needed experience on the job, said Dulski.

"Senior leaders are going to give our young Airmen a certain amount of leeway when it comes to making decisions so long as it doesn't negatively impact the project," said Dulski. "By doing this it will give them more confidence when they deploy down range."

Chief Master Sgt. Dulski is a traditional guardsman and has 32 years of military service. While not performing his guard duties he works as a modality service engineer with GE Health Care. The warehouse construction project is scheduled to be completed August 11, 2016.