Force Support Squadron Stands Up

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. David Speicher
  • 175th Wing Public Affairs
The 175th Services Flight and the 175th Mission Support Flight have merged thus creating the 175th Force Support Squadron. The 175th Services Flight deactivated on April 1, 2009 and the 175th Mission Support Flight was renamed the 175th Force Support Squadron. 

According to Maj. Bernadette Maldonado, commander of the 175th Force Support Squadron, the units combined as part of the ongoing Air Force customer service transformation. 

"With the ongoing changes in the Air Force, its technology and resources available to complete the mission, this merger will provide organizational and process efficiency capabilities needed to continue to provide first class customer service," said Major Maldonado. 

Major Maldonado says the base will benefit from a more streamlined, consistent process that will that will continue the first class customer service both units provided in the past. 

Major Maldonado does not anticipate any change in manpower. As of right now, there should be no enlisted positions gained or lost. She said there was some anticipation in regards to the officer positions, however the National Guard Bureau indicated the unit will be keeping all of their officer positions. The new squadron has an authorized strength of about 60 personnel. 

"For the team, they will have more opportunities for career growth and the opportunity to branch out into the different multi tier aspects of the new force support squadron," said Major Maldonado. 

The officer Air Force Specialty Codes were merged to create the new Force Support Officer AFSC. The enlisted career fields have not been merged as of yet, however it is being looked into, according to Major Maldonado. 

Major Maldonado does not anticipate any problems with these units combining. "I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with both of these teams and they are two of the most hardworking, professional organizations in the wing. I anticipate a seamless transition to both the wing and the flights with merger plans already in place for certain areas and programs." 

The new squadron will have the same responsibilities both the mission support and services flights had previously. The names of certain areas will change. The Military Personnel Flight will be called the Manpower and Personnel Flight. The Services Flight will be called the Sustainment Service Flight. Training will be called the Force Development Flight.