Couple brings their intelligence to Maryland Air National Guard

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. David Speicher
  • 175th Wing Public Affairs
In February the Maryland Air National Guard gained two experienced intelligence officers looking for a less nomadic life.

Majors Danielle Barrass, 135th Operational Support Flight intelligence officer-in-charge and Jason Barrass, 175th Operational Support Flight senior intelligence officer, transitioned from active duty to the 175th Wing.

"We liked serving, but the ops tempo in the active duty was challenging. We were looking for ways to continue to serve while keeping our balance at home. We feel lucky we were able to find something here in Maryland where both of us could continue to serve," said Danielle Barrass who served eleven years on active duty.

"We wanted to plant roots. The job and the location offered us stability," said Jason Barrass who served fifteen years on active duty. "The frequency and unpredictability of deployments and PCS (Permanent Change of Station) of activity duty was not conducive to our family goals. We have family in the area. This was one of the few chances we both got at jobs at the same location.""

"With active duty, we had to move around every couple of years," said Danielle Barrass.

At their last assignment at Air Combat Command part of their mission was to visit active duty and guard units.

When they were on active duty they were able to work with Guard units and felt they were always experienced and professional. "We met Lt. Col. (Craig) Wackford, (who recently returned to the 175th Wing) we were impressed by him and his professionalism and this unit and its professionalism and positive culture," said Danielle Barrass.

They have been exposed to many different mission sets and they hope to bring that experience to their jobs here. "Our experiences are very broad across multiple aspects of our career field," said Danielle Barrass.

Both Majors are Weapons School graduates. The course taught at Nellis Air Force Base raises their weapons and tactics knowledge to higher level. Graduates go back to their units to spread the knowledge they learned.

"We will be focusing on the inspection in the short term," said Danielle Barrass. The unit is preparing for a CUI this summer and the Barrass's experience is welcome.

They have been married for four years. "We like it here at Martin State Airport and hope to continue here in Maryland," said Danielle Barrass.