Airmen from the Maryland Air National Guard train on active duty base in Hawaii

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexandra Huettner
  • 175th Wing

Maryland Air National Guard Airmen from the 175th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the 175th Force Support Squadron conducted their annual training at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, June 17-30, 2023.

The training included classroom learning and on-the-job training, which help Airmen improve in their assigned Air Force Specialty Code. There were also teamwork-building exercises such as obstacle and leadership reaction courses.

“We were intentional in how we paired up Airmen for activities like the confidence and leadership reaction courses,” said Maryland Air National Guard Lt. Col. Paul Mercier, 175th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander. “They were paired up with Airmen they do not work with on a regular day-to-day basis, so now they know other Airmen, their personalities, and how they perform, which will help us in the long run because of the teamwork and camaraderie that has been developed.”

Airmen from the 175th Force Support Squadron were also given an opportunity to develop teamwork skills through setting up military tents as well as a search and recovery exercise. During the search and recovery, which simulated a plane crash containing military personnel and their families, the Airmen were required to find the items belonging to the passengers. To complete the exercise effectively, Airmen in a line worked together by everyone taking one step forward simultaneously, raising a hand and yelling “Find, find, find!” when they identified an item. The exercise enabled Airmen to develop a systematic approach that could be used in any emergency scenario.

“The Airmen worked effectively and in an orderly fashion and it will help our people in the long run as they continue to work together during exercises and potential real-life scenarios,” said Maryland Air National Guard Master Sgt. Wayne Charles, dining facility manager assigned to the 175th FSS and site commander for the exercise. “This type of exercise is not something that will only happen in a deployed environment, it is something that could happen any day at home so our Airmen’s ability to complete it effectively is vitally important.”

While Airmen from the 175th Force Support Squadron attended classroom training to prepare them for their field exercise and roles at home, Airmen from the 175th Logistics Readiness Squadron were able to see how their counterparts in Hawaii work in the warehouse, with ground transportation, vehicle maintenance, fuels, traffic management and the plans and programs office.

“Working with the Hawaii Air National Guard has been great in helping us get different perspectives on ways to do our job and seeing another wing work so we can learn to be more effective and make sure nothing gets missed,” said Maryland Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Jesse Price, ground transportation trainee assigned to the 175th Logistics Readiness Squadron. “When they call and need someone to be picked up or cargo to be moved, we’re there because we have all the required licenses and we can do what needs to be done. Being in Hawaii has been great because we have been able to practice those skills and get training that we can’t do at home.”